The original South Atlantic Region was composed of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Constitutional amendment for separation from the South Eastern Region into a new South Atlantic Region was voted at the 1953 Boule´ in St. Louis, Missouri.


The South Eastern Region at the time of the realignment, because of size, was composed on Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Regional Directors, who have served, at onetime or the other with this area have been: Maude Brown Porter, Carolyn Blanton, C. Russell Harris, Portia Trenholm, Collye L. Riley, Arnetta G. Wallace, Mayme E. Williams, and A. Cathryn Johnson (listed in order).


A. Cathryn Johnson, then of Atlanta, Georgia, became the new South Atlantic Regional Director. She had been elected South Eastern director when it was voted the region was too large. Lois Daniels of Nashville, Tennessee, was appointed to lead the South Eastern region.


Historic First:


To facilitate change in the new alignment, Johnson requested permission to plan together to have the first regional a joint session. This was a historic first that worked well. The two regional directors shared presiding at this well planned conference.


The joint session was held at Alabama A. and M. College, Normal, Alabama, April 15-18, 1954. Hostess chapter was Epsilon Gamma Omega. The new South Atlantic Region was composed of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.


Notwithstanding the realignment of chapters, growth continued to afford the South Atlantic the distinction of being the largest region within Alpha Kappa Alpha.


The First Report:


The first South Atlantic Regional report to the Boule´ was made at Nashville, Tennessee, December 1954 by Johnson. She reported the following: “The new Undergraduate Cup was named ‘The Mayme E. Williams Cup’” for the former South Eastern Regional Director. The cup was awarded to Gamma Tau Chapter, Bethune Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida. The Graduate Cup was named ‘The Marie Woolfolk Taylor Cup’ for the founder. The cup was awarded to Delta Omicron Omega Chapter, Orlando, Florida.” (Minutes 1954 Boule´).


Directors who succeeded Johnson have been Georgia Schanck appointed to complete her term. She was elected in 1958 and became an Ivy Beyond the Wall, April 29, 1959, while serving her term. International President, Marjorie H. Parker, requested Mayme E. Williams to serve in a brief holding position, until the appointment of Sujette F. Crank as the Regional Director. Crank was later elected by the region.





International Leaders from the South Atlantic Region: The South Atlantic Region is home to three former International Presidents, Mary Shy Scott, 23rd International President of Atlanta,GA (1990 - 1994), and Norma Solomon White, 25th International President of Jacksonville, FL (1998-2002). Another beacon of the South Atlantic Region the 28th International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and Carolyn House Stewart of Tampa, FL (2010-2014). The South Atlantic Region is fortunate to birth such great visionaries of leadership.

A. Cathryn Johnson*

1st Regional Director (Atlanta, GA) Term: 1953 - 1958 First Director of the South Atlantic Region

Georgia Schanck*

2nd Regional Director (Orlando, FL) Term: 1958 - 1959 Becomes an Ivy Beyond the Wall while serving her term

Mayme Williams*

3rd Regional Director (Miami, FL) Term: 1959 Appointed by Marjorie Parker, International President, to serve as Regional Director

Sujette F. Crank*

4th Regional Director (Atlanta, GA) Term: 1959 - 1964 Later appointed to complete the unexpired term of Georgia Schank

Odessa S. Nelson*

5th Regional Director (Columbia, SC) Term: 1964 - 1968 The first African American woman to receive a master of science in zoology from the University of Pittsburgh

Margaret Blake Roach*

6th Regional Director (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Term: 1968 - 1970 Characterized by many as a “living legend.” She brought recognition to Alpha Kappa Alpha through her work with the Mississippi Health Project

Homie Regulus*

7th Regional Director (Ft. Valley, GA) Term: 1970 - 1974 College Librarian; she led the committee to preserve Alpha Kappa Alpha history’s, resulting in the sorority’s archival collections being housed at the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center at Howard University

Norma Solomon White

8th Regional Director (Jacksonville, FL) Term: 1974 - 1978 25th International President Build and dedicated 10 schools in South Africa. The first female member of the “FAMU Marching 100” band; and, the first female to direct the band.

Delores Ham Oliver*

9th Regional Director (Spartanburg, SC) Term: 1978 - 1982 Maintained a no nonsense approach to implementation of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s policies and procedures. Knowledge and respect for the sisterhood are paramount.

Mary Shy Scott*

10th Regional Director (Atlanta, GA) Term: 1982 - 1986 23rd International President As International President, she completed the building and financing of the 3rd story addition to the national office.

Frederica Wilson

11th Regional Director (Miami, FL) Term: 1986 - 1990 Former member of the Florida Senate and currently a member of the United States House of Representatives. She organized a role model program for black males.

Vertelle Middleton

12th Regional Director (Charleston, SC) Term: 1990 - 1994 She encouraged the undergraduate members to become Leadership Fellows.

Lucretia Payton Stewart

13th Regional Director (Decatur, GA) Term: 1994 - 1998 Former International Parliamentarian Brought high acclaim to the region with national recognition of PIMS (partners in Math and Science) program.

Sonya Williams Garcia

14th Regional Director (Tampa, FL) Term: 1998 - 2002 Established the Stella Lett Undergraduate Leadership Institute and the Stella Lett Scholarship.

Irene Westbrooks McCollom

15th Regional Director (Orangeburg, SC) Term: 2002 - 2006 Led the region through a national moratorium on undergraduate membership and return of initiation for the collegian.

Ella Springs Jones

Centennial Regional Director (Augusta, GA) Term: 2006 - 2010 First soror in Alpha Kappa Alpha’s history to contend for the office of Regional Director unopposed. Established the South Atlantic Endowment Scholarship and served as Regional Director during the Centennial Celebration of the Sorority

Marsha Lewis Brown

17th Regional Director (Tampa, FL) Term 2010-2014 Delivered by mobilizing, leading and building the region to more than 10,000 members. She was the first regional director to have an endowed scholarship funded in her name at her undergraduate alma mater, Florida State University.

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The Significant South Atlantic Region is made of 159 graduate and undergraduate chapters in the states of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

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